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This page contains a list of useful links for parents and students to use throughout the year, including links to all teacher blogs, conference scheduling sites, annual school musical tickets and more! We hope you find this listing helpful as you and your student navigate through the school year. 

Middle School Teacher Blogs

Teacher Name Website
6th Grade Science
7th Grade Social Studies
Barry, Matthew
Ferrar, Sharon
Fields, Susan
Frank, Drew
Garrison, Paige
Grinberg-Isaak, Evelyn  For 6 Grade 
Grinberg-Isaak, Evelyn For 7 Grade      
Grinberg-Isaak, Evelyn  
Hegarty, Meredith
Herman Cohen, Julie 
Herrin, Kristen
Houben, Vincent
Jordan, Joelle 
Kraar, Debra (8th Grade)
Kraar, Debra (7th Grade)
Lapidus, Micah
Michek, Robert
O'Dell, Richard
Pearl, Sim   
Phillips, Kendrick Davis Film Blog:
Phillips, Kendrick Davis Decibelles Blog:
Phillips, Kendrick Theatre 6.7.8 Blog:
Rifkin, David
Rothstein, Jeff
Spaulding, Loren
Stein, Michelle 
Stein, Michelle
Tzoref, Sigal
Weismark, Ilan
Willis, Orna



Parent-Teacher Conferences

Lower School
Middle School
DLC Conference


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